Tons of Easter Candy but I Don’t Want to Sabatoge my Weight Loss Thus Far!

You have all that easter chocolate and you don’t want to regress in your weight loss?…

1.) Read the label BEFORE YOU EAT THE CANDY! There is half your calorie allowance in a peanutbutter chocolate egg (so eat half of it)

2.) Reserve most of your candy calories for earlier in the day…so a small piece in morning and maybe another small one (bite of choc bunny ear, a couple hershey kisses) at lunch time

3.) Try to refrain from candy eating at night, but if you must, see #2 and follow it.

You can have your candy and eat it too, without sabatoging your weight loss!


Me at close to 300 lbs in 2010

Me at less than 200 lbs in 2014


About delusiondispeller

Dispelling the Insidious Myth of "It's all MY fault" in Narcissistic Attachments My name is LauraBeth Culbert and for the past 8 years I’ve been advising individuals in toxic relationships about the causes of their attachments, the ways to recognize red flags and the importance of ending such partnerships and situations. As a life coach, researcher and adviser I am able to offer information and direction to those in abuse, wanting to leave abuse or having been abused.
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One Response to Tons of Easter Candy but I Don’t Want to Sabatoge my Weight Loss Thus Far!

  1. Earl says:

    How delusion dispeller. I hope that all is well with you . The no contact rule is going well for me. I’m stronger and wiser now through God and prayers. And by watching your videos also. Please make a video on when the FOG is lifted with a narcissist.

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