Blogging Again…

Hi All.

I have no clue how all those fancy things at the top of the screen work but I have decided to chronicle my life. I don’t know if it will be daily or weekly or whatever, but I have things to share and someone who is bored or just curious may be interested in what is happening around me.

So, it’s the 2nd day of April, 2016 already! I am 49 and a half years old, my children are either adults or teens right now and pretty much too busy to bother with me. Empty nest…a very sad syndrome and a very difficult one when it finally hits ya!

I am so excited though, that in a very short time, I am going to be a WIFE again!!! YAY! I am marrying my sweetheart, Mathew, and the Lord could not have picked a better match for me! We have gone through some really crazy crud together, but we always came out on top and we always talked over whatever it was that was doggin us. He’s a wondrous soul, perfectly fit to my personality…feisty, playful, youthful, adventurous, humorous, a risk-taker, a bit of a rebel and a lover of good and Godly things.

We will have about 35 or 40 people at our wedding and it will take place in a cultural center near lots of flowers! We will have karaoke and dancing and my daughter is singing our wedding party down the aisle! I will be singing to my guy at the reception but he doesnt know it yet. He said he has something up his sleeve on the wedding day too.

Mathew just wants to swim on our honeymoon…doesnt need anything fancy to site see with…just a pool, food, a tv and US. I just want to be with him intimately, since, believe it or not, though we started out being very into the physical stuff at first, we stopped doing that and decided to wait till we got married. It’s been a year at least since any intimacy occurred and I am so proud of both of us! Soon, the long wait will be over and it will be so worth it!

I am losing weight easily by cutting way back on pasta and bread and sugary food. Not that I dont eat any of it, cause I DO. I love food. I just have cut way back on it and replaced the bulk of it with veggies and a bit of fruit…oh and my new weakness…pudding and popsicles…not together, separate, but YUM! I love to cook too, so I make a lot of what we eat. I dropped 10 pounds in 6 weeks! I also started corset waist training. It really IS working but I can only wear my corset a little at a time cause it’s hard to breathe. Still, I am so proud of my weight and inch loss that I want to shout it from the highest mountain!

I made my own wedding bouquet and I embellished my wedding blouse with pearls and lace. Mostly did it on my own with some friendly advice from a lady at the local Hobby Lobby…a customer, and some other people. Will post pics when I have some but there are videos on my channel under the About DelusionDispeller section. Go to to see them. Leave comments. I love them and will respond.

Well, though I drank too much tea during the day which kept me up for HOURS, it’s time for me to lay down. I have been having this dull cramping sensation over a month now in my lower right side. Doc says it’s muscular but I don’t know. It’s painful, I do know that!


Time to go to sleep now. GUy is home.


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