Visits with His Fam, Wedding Planning, Bday Celebration

Tomorrow, my fiance and are getting a ride to visit his family. We will hang out with his mom, auntie, cousins, and whomever else shows up. His birthday is being belatedly celebrated with cake and maybe ice cream.

We will all be discussing wedding plans for May 7. Hoping cousin Eli will not be so against being in the wedding as he was last time I talked to him about it. He’s just a little boy so weddings aren’t his thing. LOL

All we need yet are cups, a bouquet, a guest book, card box, 2 long candles and matches or a flame of some sort. We should be getting our marriage license soon and booking our hotel, as well as finishing paying for our venue…woo hoo…coming up soon!

I am on my 12th day of waist training using my corset. I only wear it an hour or two per day till I’m totally comfy in it. Just wanting to shrink the tummy and form some hips is all, plus I feel pretty in it. Fiance’ likes it too, which is a plus.

Below, I posted a photo of my wedding blouse and also of me in my corset. I bought the blouse with just the lace on the chest part of it and then I embellished it with the rhinestone, pearls, and lace. Can’t wait to wear it! So excited!




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